Does Brother Mfc-L2690dw Print Color

The Brother Mfc-L2690dw printer does not print color. It's tailored for black and white tasks only, using black toner cartridges for monochrome prints. If you're in need of color printing, this model isn't equipped for that function.

Key Takeaways

  • The Brother Mfc-L2690dw printer is designed for monochrome printing only.
  • It uses black toner cartridges, making it unsuitable for color printing.
  • The printer does not support color printing features.
  • Ideal for text-based printing tasks with efficient use of black ink.
  • Users seeking color prints should consider a different printer model.

Overview of Brother Mfc-L2690dw Printer

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If you're considering the Brother Mfc-L2690dw printer, you'll find it to be a versatile monochrome printer with a range of features suitable for various printing needs.

This printer offers seamless wireless connectivity, allowing you to print effortlessly from your computer, laptop, or mobile device without the hassle of cables. The wireless setup process is user-friendly and quick, ensuring you can start printing in no time.

When it comes to ink cartridge options, the Brother Mfc-L2690dw provides flexibility for users. You have the choice between standard-yield and high-yield toner cartridges, catering to different printing volumes and budget considerations.

The high-yield cartridges are cost-effective and reduce the frequency of replacements, making them ideal for heavy users or office settings where a lot of printing is done regularly.

Print Capabilities of Brother Mfc-L2690dw

The Brother Mfc-L2690dw is a monochrome printer that excels in delivering high-quality black and white prints efficiently. When it comes to printing speed, this printer is designed to handle your printing needs swiftly, with speeds of up to 36 pages per minute. Whether you need documents for work or study materials for school, this printer can keep up with your demands without compromising on quality.

In terms of ink cartridge options, the Brother Mfc-L2690dw offers various choices to suit your preferences. You can opt for standard-yield or high-yield toner cartridges, depending on your printing frequency and budget. The high-yield cartridges are particularly cost-effective as they can print more pages before needing replacement, saving you time and money in the long run.

With its impressive printing speed and versatile ink cartridge options, the Brother Mfc-L2690dw is a reliable choice for those seeking a monochrome printer that delivers consistent and sharp black and white prints efficiently.

Color Printing Options Available

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Brother Mfc-L2690dw doesn't support color printing; it's specifically designed for monochrome printing tasks. This means that you won't be able to produce color prints using this printer. However, if you require color printing features, you may need to explore alternative printer models that are specifically designed for color printing needs.

When it comes to ink cartridge options for the Brother Mfc-L2690dw, you'll find that it utilizes black toner cartridges for monochrome printing. These toner cartridges are designed to produce high-quality black and white prints efficiently. Make sure to stock up on black toner cartridges for uninterrupted printing tasks.

If color printing is a necessity for your printing requirements, you may want to explore other printer models that offer color printing functionalities. Brother Mfc-L2690dw's focus is on delivering high-quality monochrome prints, making it a suitable choice for users with black and white printing needs.

Compatibility With Color Printing

Color printing isn't compatible with the Brother Mfc-L2690dw printer model. This printer is designed for monochrome printing only, which means it doesn't support color printing. The Brother Mfc-L2690dw uses black toner cartridges for printing text and grayscale images, and it doesn't have the capability to accommodate color cartridges. So, if you require color printing, you'd need to explore a different printer model that supports color printing.

Since the Brother Mfc-L2690dw doesn't have color cartridge compatibility, ink consumption is primarily focused on black toner for monochrome printing. This results in efficient use of ink for black and white documents, making it a suitable choice for those who primarily print text-based documents.

The lack of color printing features also means that you won't have to worry about color ink being consumed unnecessarily, saving you money on ink replacements.

Print Quality for Color Documents

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For those contemplating the Brother Mfc-L2690dw printer model, evaluating the print quality for color documents is a crucial factor to assess before making a decision.

When it comes to color printing advantages, the Brother Mfc-L2690dw offers crisp and vibrant colors, making it suitable for a range of documents from presentations to photos. Comparing print quality, this printer excels in delivering sharp text and detailed graphics, ensuring your color documents look professional and polished.

In terms of print quality comparisons, the Brother Mfc-L2690dw stands out for its ability to produce accurate colors and smooth gradients, resulting in high-quality color prints. Whether you need to print brochures, flyers, or reports, this printer can handle various color document types with precision.

The color output of the Brother Mfc-L2690dw is consistent and reliable, making it a solid choice for those who require superior print quality for their color documents.

Cost-Efficiency of Color Printing

When contemplating color printing with the Brother Mfc-L2690dw, evaluating the cost-efficiency aspect is essential. One key factor to assess is ink usage. Color printing typically requires more ink compared to black and white printing, which can lead to higher operational costs. The Brother Mfc-L2690dw is known for its efficient ink usage, helping to minimize overall expenses. Additionally, printing costs play a significant role in determining the cost-efficiency of color printing. While color printing may be more expensive than black and white printing, the Brother Mfc-L2690dw offers cost-effective solutions for color printing tasks. Below is a comparison table highlighting the ink usage and printing costs for the Brother Mfc-L2690dw:

Aspect Brother Mfc-L2690dw
Ink Usage Efficient
Printing Costs Cost-effective

Setup and Configuration for Color Printing

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To achieve color printing with the Brother Mfc-L2690dw, consider adjusting the settings for best setup and configuration. Start by checking the color print settings on your device. Navigate to the printer properties or preferences on your computer and make certain that the color printing option is selected.

If the colors still don't appear as expected, try troubleshooting tips such as checking the toner cartridges. Make sure they're installed correctly and have sufficient ink levels. Additionally, verify that the color settings on the printer itself are configured properly.

If the issue persists, you may need to calibrate the color settings on the printer to ensure accurate color reproduction. Consult the user manual for guidance on how to calibrate colors specifically for your model.

Final Verdict: Color Printing Conclusion

In conclusion, the Brother Mfc-L2690dw doesn't support color printing capabilities. While this printer excels in black and white printing, it has inherent color printing limitations due to its monochrome nature. If you require color printing functions, the Brother Mfc-L2690dw may not be the ideal choice for your needs.

If color printing is a necessity for your tasks, it's advisable to explore alternative color printers that are specifically designed to meet such requirements.

There are various color printers available in the market that offer vibrant and high-quality color printing options. These alternative color printers come equipped with the necessary technology to produce colorful documents and images efficiently.


Yes, the Brother MFC-L2690DW printer doesn't print in color. This printer is specifically designed for monochrome printing, making it ideal for black and white documents and text-heavy printing needs.

While it may not offer color printing capabilities, the MFC-L2690DW still provides high-quality prints and reliable performance for everyday printing tasks.

If color printing isn't a requirement for your printing needs, the MFC-L2690DW is a great option worth exploring.

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