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Ashton Brother Printer Drivers is an official website to get support while download Brother Printer drivers for mac, on you will get all the latest and updated drivers. If we discuss about computer Printer Brother is one of the top 3 companies. Brother provides best quality Printers and also best in after sales service. You can access Brother Printer Tech Support round the clock.

How to setup Brother Wireless Printer on MAC?

  1. Visit, download your Printer model drivers as per your MAC OS.
  2. Double click and open download Brother Printer drivers for MAC file.
  3. Select on wireless network then press next.
  4. If you do not have USB cable no need to worry, select “setup without USB cable” and hit on next.
  5. In next option press allow and enter your MAC computer password to authorize the Brother Printer driver installation.
  6. Now you will see on screen instructions follow them on your Printer, it will setup your Printer.
  7. If still Printer not connected then wait on same screen for 3-4 minutes.
  8. Now click on try something else opinion.
  9. Select configure through control panel manually option.
  10. Check the wireless network name and password on which your MAC connected, click on checked and confirm then press next.
  11. Follow the on screen steps and you will see list of available networks on your Printer screen, select your network and put password
  12. Now it will show you connected on your Printer screen, on MAC click checked and confirm then next.
  13. Now your Printer connected to WIFI, go to preferences then Printer click on + sign and add your Brother Printer.
  14. Now print and enjoy, for more info visit

Note: Make sure your computer and Printer both are connected within the same wireless network and you download the correct drivers as per MAC OS from

How to install Brother USB Printer on MAC?

  1. Connect your MAC and Printer with the help of USB cable then turn ON your Printer and MAC.
  2. Download Brother Printer Drivers for MAC from as suggested for your MAC OS.
  3. Double click on Brother Printer drivers file and press open.
  4. Select local USB connection option and press next.
  5. After few click it will install Brother Printer drivers for MAC.
  6. Now open Printer option and click on + sign now select your Printer from the list and hit add.
  7. Now your Printer is ready to use.

Note: You need to purchase a USB cable from online or nearest store as its not including with new Printer, make sure you downloaded Brother Printer drivers from official website of

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